God is love and everything He does is out of Love


God is love and everything He does is out of love. Sin is deviation from God’s design for life that is why the result of it is death. Humankind is actually in a terminal state, out of harmony from God’s design. We could not get ourselves back in harmony with God’s design so God sent Christ, to take our iniquity, our sinfulness, our terminal state upon Himself and cure it, according to God’s purpose.

All who are won back to trust in God, by the truth Jesus revealed, open their hearts and experience via the Holy Spirit the reproduction of Christ’s character within, thus it is “no longer I that live but Christ lives in me.” Those who refuse to trust God die of their terminal condition, not as an infliction from God.

The character of God that is described in the Bible for me does not equate a being that would torture people eternally. If He did then He would have just done so with Satan when he rebelled and His angels. Unless they were not enough and God wanted more beings to be there so He created us. We read that the angels will be cast into a fire kindled from the beginning.

Through out the Bible were told of the character of God of how if it was possible He would love to save everyone but it is impossible to do so. Also an example how would you feel in heaven knowing that your son, mom, and the people you love are being tormented, tortured and punished forever? Would you be in heaven or would you be hell? Because it would always be in your mind and you would actually want to take their place because you would prefer to suffer than see the people you love suffer especially forever. What would you think of the one who has put them there? Would you be in harmony with them knowing that they have locked up the ones you love forever?

What abut those in Hell they would say we knew that this is who God is that is why we rejected Him. We wanted nothing to do with a being that punishes that even when we have chosen to live without Him, He is torturing us day and night.

We have to be mortal to suffer forever. It is written that humans have never been mortal from the beginning they were given life. Even during the resurrection it is only those who are saved that are given imperishable bodies not the damned. Therefore does that mean that when they’re being punished and when they die God resurrects them so that He can continue to punish them forever?

God created everything and we know that everything is made out of atoms and molecules. When we bind a few grams of matter and atoms we get atomic bombs. So for God to form everything He is very powerful. So imagine a powerful being as God kindling a fire in His anger and wrath how powerful and destructive would this fire be?

Through out the Bible it also tells us what the wrath of God is, it is not punishing people it is turning away in anger. In Romans 1 Paul makes a strong argument about this.

Also through out the Bible God uses very colourful language to get peoples attention. Especially in the NT Jesus preached a lot of it. I say it is the same as when you have a kid who’s ridding a bike towards a big hole. You tell him nicely please do not ride your bike there they is a big hole. But the kid does not stop and you plead with the kid but the kid still does not stop. Wont you use language or say anything to get the attention of the kid so that it turns away from the big hole? Did you mean the things you said or said them so that the kid does not fall into the big hole? I believe that that is what is going on when we read harsh text in the Bible.

Also remember why some religious leaders rejected Christ. It is not that they did not know that He was whom He claimed. It was because He was not doing what they thought He would do when He comes. They thought He was going to lead them into war and concur all they enemies and put them under the york of the Jews. And make them pay for all the sins they have committed towards them and elevate them to be a supreme nation. Just as some these days say those who are wicked will burn in hell. Who are we to condemn other people? By condemning others aren’t we condemning ourselves?

Also the Bible talk of a recreation especially that of this world. If there is a Hell it does not say where it is or will be. In my humble opinion after the here after if there will still sin in Gods creation then that means sin is stronger than God. That he cannot deal with it completely so He decides to keep it contained somewhere. But the Bible is clear they will be a time when sin will be dealt with once and for all. No more sin

2 responses to “God is love and everything He does is out of Love

  1. God is love. But God is also holy and just. He won’t leave the guilty unpunished. It is true that He is love and He showed his love and grace through the cross and promises eternal life to everyone who believes and follows him. But to those who would reject him till the end, he will execute justice. He set a punishment. It is said in Revelation 20:14-15, “Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” So there are those written in the Book, and there are those who are not.
    That’s how He reveals his “holy and just” side. We cannot just show people one side of God. We ought to tell people how God revealed Himself in the Bible.
    Thanks for posting this though. God bless you and enlighten you with His Spirit’s wisdom.

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